Ver todas las ofertas We are looking for salespeople in Barcelona and Gerona capable of attracting new clients by offering digital media services.

Data Publicació: 27/11/2023
Contrato Mercantil: Contrato Mercantil
Producto/Servicio: Servicios de medios digitales
Educació: Bachillerato/Batxillerat/COU/BUP/High school degree
Tipo de candidato: All
Zonas de representación: BARCELONA, GERONA
Inscritos: 1

Company description.
Red Hunters is a commercial services company that collaborates with SKYROCKET and SKYPYME companies by outsourcing their cold sales with high-performance commercial teams.
SKYPYME is a digital media company that offers positioning and digital advertising services for the SME sector.
SKYPYME is the little sister of SKYROCKET, a digital media company that offers its marketing services to large companies such as Mustela, Lidl, Bonpreu, Sabadell. Kern_pharma, Imagine, Veritas, Tous, Mango, among many others.
The main function of SKYPYME and SKYROCKET is to ensure that their clients increase their sales, managing to attract new clients from the digital channel, with SEO, SEM, CRO, PERFORMANCE, PAID SOCIAL MEDIA, UX/UI, and WEB strategies.
At Red Hunters, we are looking for salespeople capable of cold-calling new clients for SKYROCKET and SKYPYME.

Description of the position and its functions.
We are looking for salespeople who are ambitious and aspire to obtain large client portfolios with large turnovers. Responsible, organized and constant people who are capable of generating a large number of sales.
Entrepreneurial, persuasive, active, and diligent profiles are sought.
The salespeople will be hired on a self-employed basis.

Studies in marketing, digital marketing, ADE, Economics, etc. are valued. University or higher degree. If the candidate does not have the education, but has an attitude and desire to train and work, it will also be valued positively.
Commercial experience in portfolio management and cold door commercial experience is valued.
It is essential to have a good command of Office.
People with high organizational and time management skills are especially valued.

Commercial and cold-call sales experience is valued.
Experience in any type of marketing company or commercial enterprise is valued.
If the candidate has a great attitude, people with experience in public sales jobs, such as stores, restaurants, etc. will also be valued.

Conditions offered by the company.
- Schedules.
Free schedule and vacations.

- Salary as a freelancer:
Sales commission of 5% on the client's billing. The first year, with the route that the commercial will acquire, it is estimated that he will be able to obtain a gross income of between 30,000 and 40,000 euros per year. Red Hunters will guarantee a minimum salary of 25,000 euros gross, from the first day, and only the first year. The 5% commission will be paid for 3 years, for each client contributed.
The second year may reach, at a minimum, 35,000 gross, and a maximum, 45/55,000 gross annually.
The third year may reach, at least, 50,000 gross, and exceed 100,000 annually.
As a self-employed person, the candidate will be responsible for his or her self-employed expenses, such as the self-employed rate, his or her management, tax expenses, vehicle and gasoline, per diems, telephone, etc.

- Learnings.
Possibilities to climb in the company.