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Peanut butter with and without sugar

ref. 17409 · publication date: 15/06/2021

Important company that manufactures peanut butter with and without sugar, a precise commercial agent introduced in the food, industrial and supermarket sectors. National and foreign market.

Commercial agents for organic beverages

ref. 17397 · publication date: 03/06/2021

We are introducing our range of organic, live and sustainable LOD drinks to the market and we are looking for commercial agents to help us enter the retail of the organic and gourmet sector. The range...

Commercial agent in the food sector

ref. 17394 · publication date: 28/05/2021

Badajoz family business of recognized prestige whose main activity is the preparation and distribution of fish, seafood and cephalopods as well as vegetables, precooked and deep-frozen meats. For the manufacture of the entire...

60€ commission - Help to local commerce

ref. 17393 · publication date: 26/05/2021

Quecomercioapp, S.L. It is a Start Up of delivery (home service), sustainable and in constant expansion. We are joining our platform all kinds of shops: food, aesthetics, herbal shops, fashion, accessories, motor ... The delivery...

Multi-portfolio commercial agent for premium coffee service in gra

ref. 17374 · publication date: 26/04/2021

We are a company that since 2016 we have been dedicated to offering sustainable alternatives for the consumption of coffee and water to companies and communities throughout the peninsula. Especially in Barcelona and its conurbation. We...

Commercial for the sale of natural CBD-based products

ref. 17368 · publication date: 12/04/2021

We are Happy Garden, a pioneer in research and development of natural products. We are looking for Commercial Agents with vast experience in the field of natural and medicinal products. It is aimed at a range of sectors in relation...

Food sector: salted, pickles and duck products.

ref. 17365 · publication date: 31/03/2021

Company located in the province of Barcelona in the food sector, specialized in salted, pickles and duck products, seeks: Commercial agents throughout Spain, to publicize our products and sell them. Our customer profile is...

Spices and additives food sector

ref. 17361 · publication date: 25/03/2021

National company, manufacturers of condiments prepared for the meat food industry, requires commercial agents for the national and international territory. The commercial agent is in charge of promoting and negotiating the...


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