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REGULATIONS, Rules of Usage

The rules defined below apply to all offers, data and external content are published, and the purpose or object of such content by users of commercial-jobs.                     

All users must accept and abide by these regulations. If you detect any irregularity can get in touch with our data center.                     

Users of any level (candidates or company) must complete your input with real information, clear, complete and up to date and agree not to use the contact information for any purpose other than the selection process underway.                     

The job postings should have a sense of professionalism towards candidates, offering conditions and contracts legally valid.                     

Commercial-jobs will not accept offers that require financial contribution of the candidate, registration of minors without parental consent, offers companies a pyramid, offers to carry cheating or not truthfully reflect the legality of the work.                     

Neither accepted offers that require or cause SPAM (sending bulk e-mail) or telephone 800 or 900 charging extra.                     

 Any company that conflict with this policy and applicable law, assumes responsibility for actions, damages generated; Commercial-jobs exempting liability. It is also forbidden to use the job postings on the site to integrate them fully or partially in other media or send them to third parties in ways other than the own goal comercial-jobs.com                    

Regularly studied and reviewed the offers advertised, however thank-jobs Commercial users that if they detect any irregularity report to us.                     

We recommend that all bids will reflect the professionalism of the company in the language and the message is transmitted. Furthermore we urge users not arising in third as the multiplayer is not allowed on the site to ensure the safety of it.                     

Do not allow the publication of data deals with the supply company or incomplete, duplicate, recruitment companies or redirect to other websites, offers for various jobs. It is also possible to link the offers published on this website on other websites or other media (bulletin boards, publications, etc.).                     

Having explained these regulations are subject to it all users in order to guarantee and prioritize the standards of professionalism and consistency.                     

On the occasion of the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and free movement of these data and for which Directive 95/46 / CE (General Data Protection Regulation) is repealed, we inform that all personal data that you provide us through the comercial-jobs.com website will be part of a treatment owned by the Official College of Commercial Agents of Barcelona (COACB, owner of the aforementioned website and with registered office at Calle Casp, 130 08013 Barcelona and CIF Q 0873007 I, the purpose of which is to provide the requested services and report on news , news and services of the COACB.                    

If accepted part of international bidding, authorizing trade-jobs to give their contact details CDH eService GmbH, a German organization that manages the project.                    

Commercial-jobs reports that he has the right of access, rectification and opposition to these data by sending a letter to: C / Caspe, 130 • 08013 Barcelona - Department of Computer Science and Communication