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Insurance Advisor and Financial Product

ref. 16962 · publication date: 21/06/2019

We are looking for people who want to start a successful professional project at a national level, in a leading company in the financial-insurance sector, belonging to the Catalana Occidente Group with 2.000 offices and 4 million...

Solution for instant and private communications

ref. 16966 · publication date: 21/06/2019

Tellfy is a SaaS communication solution for instant communication in organizations and groups guaranteeing the privacy of users. With Tellfy organizations can communicate with their stakholders, whether they are interested,...

Real estate and financial services (consulting)

ref. 16967 · publication date: 21/06/2019

Trabaja en Red offers reconciliation of family life and professional activity, flexibility and free time, career as a real estate consultant and possibility to be a future "Real Estate Manager", initial support program (5 intensive...

Commercial technician specialized in Compliance

ref. 16968 · publication date: 21/06/2019

Person specialized in the dissemination and commercialization of an international, unique and quality program, endorsed by the Certifying Entity, aimed at legal professionals or professionals who work and want to incorporate...

Professional agent in insurance and financial products

ref. 16970 · publication date: 21/06/2019

If you have the capacity to start and want to manage your own business in Mapfre, we support you financially so that all you have to invest is your talent. We will give you the best training and we will accompany you from the...

Commercial Agent for safety footwear

ref. 16971 · publication date: 21/06/2019

International footwear manufacturer, seeks commercial agents on commission for the sale of their products in Spain and Portugal. It is a range of products (shoes and boots) of high quality, covering the sectors of construction,...

Sector tobacco and paraphernalia

ref. 16956 · publication date: 20/06/2019

Marketing company of products related to the Vapeo, looking for free commercial agents in the tobacco and paraphernalia sector. Requirements: - Experience of at least 6 months performing similar tasks as a commercial agent. -...

Educational field

ref. 16960 · publication date: 20/06/2019

Cooperative in expansion, needs commercial agent introduced in the field of institutes and schools (both private and public), to market awareness and training actions on gender violence and bullying. Currently, the cooperative...

Financial advisor

ref. 16961 · publication date: 20/06/2019

The NN Group is a company encompassed within the framework of insurance banking and asset management, which operates in more than 18 countries and with a strong presence in Europe and Japan. Grupo NN offers retirement, insurance,...

Equipment manager

ref. 16964 · publication date: 20/06/2019

We are looking for a Team Manager for our branch in Valencia. Your mission will be to capture, train and manage a commercial team for the sale of our insurance. - Functions related to the management of teams: Select, train...

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