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Energy and isotonic drinks

ref. 17055 · publication date: 23/10/2019

Distribution company seeks autonomous commercials for the distribution and sale of energy drink and isotonic drink with a lot of rotation. These are very attractive packages and at very competitive prices. It is not the competition...


ref. 17032 · publication date: 09/10/2019

Cervesa La Brava SL is a young company from Girona (Catalonia) with a high quality product, 100% natural beer, and a brand and differential values rooted in a territory, the Costa Brava, well known both in our country and internationally...

Commercial to sell pork, poultry and frozen beef

ref. 17038 · publication date: 09/10/2019

We are looking for a commercial agent for the sale of frozen pork, poultry and beef in the areas of Andalusia, Extremadura, Northern Spain and the Canary Islands.

Iberian products of Guijuelo

ref. 17021 · publication date: 02/10/2019

We are looking for autonomous commercial representatives (commission agents) with experience and client portfolio for the sale of Iberian sausages from Guijuelo wholesale for the areas of Catalonia, Valencia Community and also...

We need an autonomous commercial agent to sell baos, a type of food

ref. 17016 · publication date: 25/09/2019

We are looking for an autonomous commercial agent. We are a restaurant that sells baos as a main course. Baos are steamed meals filled with meats or vegetables, a bit similar to empanadas in Spain but exotic because of their...

Feed oil

ref. 17014 · publication date: 19/09/2019

In Olis Mifers, SA we produce all types of oils for food, especially for catering and industries (special frying oils, bakery machinery, organic oils, olive vegetables) and exclusive distributors of Italian products (cream and...

Wine sector

ref. 17007 · publication date: 09/09/2019

We are looking for a professional commercial agent for the commercialization of our high mountain wines (from the Serranía de Cuenca), with vineyards at 1.300 and 1.400 meters of altitude, for the area of Catalonia, Andalusia,...


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